vilex miniMany patients have experienced prolonged intermediate relief and extended period of motion of their lesser MTP joints through the implantation of this fine device.

The Vilex® Cannulation Mini Hemi Implant System offers five (5) anatomic metatarsal or phalangeal sizes to select from making it an effective alternative in the surgeon’s surgical acumen. Cannulation provides a mechanism for precise positioning of the implant.

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Vilex® Lesser MPJ Cannulated Hemi Implant System for Application to Treat Freiberg’s Infarction Disease

The other day I had a case involving a foot surgeon who has been contending with resolving a patient who has been suffering from Freiberg’s Infarction. Commonly referred to as ‘Freiberg’s disease’, it is often clinically miss diagnosed. It is identified from characteristic radiographics showing collapse of the second or third metatarsal head or heads. Similar to the scaphoid, the 2nd metatarsal joint is extremely susceptible to Freiberg’s because of the tenuous blood supply of the articular cartilage. Its onset occurs by repetitive stress with microfractures at the junction of the metaphysis and the growth plate. Here, the blood supply is easily disrupted, often leaving the proximal portion of the bone without nutrition leading to osteonecrosis. Although Freiberg’s disease can occur at any age, it has been identified as a disease of the adolescence through 20 years of age. Freiberg’s disease is more common in female patients. To date, the exact cause of Freiberg’s disease remains undetermined. Clinical and scientific investigators still believe that Freiberg infarction condition is the result of repetitive microtrauma to second and third metatarsal heads.

In cases of progressive arthritis, (end stage lesser MPJ osteoarthritis), the metatarsal head can be resurfaced utilizing the Vilex® Cannulated Mini Hemi Implant System. This technique is proving to provide rapid recovery and dramatic improvement in pain and function when a joint destructive procedure is necessary. This device can also reduce the weight loading of the distal 2nd metatarsal, decompress the contracted joints, and resolve the pain about the plantar metatarsals.