Project Description

Total Shoulder System

Instrument Tray 01 (top/bottom)

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The Ingen Total Shoulder System is a complete shoulder replacement implant. Our standard stem is a biocompatible, high strength alloy with a long history of clinical success (TI-6Al-4V). The Lateral, Anterior and Posterior Fins provide for soft tissue attachment. Its Distal Flutes increase stem flexibility to allow for medullary revascularization. Additionally, the reduced collar size increases visibility of stem/ bone interface.

The Humeral Head of this system is made of a Co-Cr alloy providing ideal articulating surface. With a low profile design, the Humeral Head also includes a Morse Taper Trunion designed to mate with humeral stems. The Offset head accommodates anatomical variations, permits soft tissue balancing, enhances joint stability, and provides complete coverage of the cut surface of the proximal humerus.

The Glenoid component of this system is made from an Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. It has a pear-shaped frontal profile to provide anatomical fit and helps prevent soft tissue impingement. The radius is oversized to provide translation and accommodate multiple humeral heads. The 3 linear pegs are designed to avoid punch-through of thin cortical walls of glenoid periphery. Our Keeled Glenoid design allows for easy intra-operative conversion from Pegged to Keeled glenoid by connecting the drills holes of the three vertical pegs to make a central trough for the keel, while minimizing bone sacrifice.

Key Features:

  • Five Stem Sizes
  • 23 Standard & Offset Head Sizes
  • Pegged and Keeled Glenoid Component