Project Description

Soft Ice

Soft Back


Soft gel packs mold to the lower back and will give you hours of cold therapy and compression to lower back injuries. The neoprene outer shell helps to concentrate cold to the area that needs it the most. The 11″x46″ wrap fits circumferentially around the patient to hold the 8″x11″ insert right where it’s needed.

Soft Foot


Soft gel will mold to entire ankle for immediate cold therapy and compression of medial and lateral ankle bones. The two adjoined 6″x12″ wraps cover both the ankle and foot.

Soft Hip


Soft gel pack in a comfortable wrap molds against the body to provide cold therapy to the hip. 12″x13″.

Soft Knee


Soft gel will mold to the patient’s knee and provide a long period of cold and compression. Perfect for post-arthroscopic surgery. This 12″x13″ wrap provides medial to lateral coverage; also available in a 12″x”24 large size.

Soft Shoulder


Soft gel pack molds instantly to the body to provide cold therapy to the shoulder and upper arm. The 12″x13″ wrap covers the shoulder area; also availabe in a 12″x18″ large size.

Soft Universal


The soft universal wrap can deliver cold compression therapy for the wrist, as shown, or for the neck, elbow, foot or ankle. 6″x12″.