Project Description

SECURIS Pedicle Screw System from Custom Spine


Securis Pedicle Screw System has been engineered to provide temporary posterior stabilization of the thoracolumbar spine during the development of fusion in patients. The cannulated pedicle screws are designed to be used in minimally invasive or open approaches. The system is intended for posterior intervertebral screw fixation of the thoracolumbar spine at levels T 1 – S 1. Securis Pedicle Screw System is comprised of cannulated pedicle screws in various diameters and lengths as well as rods in various lengths and blockers that are assembled to create a temporary construct providing stabilization and promoting thoracolumbar spinal fusion.

Key Features:

•Low Profile
•Stronger Bone Fixation
•Reduced Risk of Screw Loosening


Securis Surgical Procedure