Project Description

Regent ACP Plate System from Custom Spine

ACP Plate pic


Regent ACP is a versatile anterior cervical plate system that was designed to provide the surgeon with flexibility in treatment options as well as instill confidence that the construct is fully locked and secure.  The low profile plate system features innovative self-locking slides allowing the surgeon to visually confirm the screws are locked in place creating a more secure construct.  When combined with either fixed or variable angle screws, a variety of constructs can be created including rigid and semi-constrained constructs as well as a combination of both rigid and semi-constrained.  The cervical plate temporarily creates a unilateral construct to provide stability to the cervical spine while promoting spinal fusion.

Key Features:

  • System Versatility
  • Low Profile
  • Increased Surgeon Confidence
  • Large Range Screw Angulation
  • Enhanced Graft Visualization
  • Treatment Flexibility