Project Description

Quad, Tripod and Single Heat Activated Memory Staples



Our shape memory “heat” activated compression staples are available in a two leg “S” shape, “Quad” four leg rectangular design, and the Trapezoid four leg – 4 corner design. The Shape Memory alloy (Nitinol) allows the staple to come packaged sterile at room temperature. Once implanted and touched briefly with a cautery or heat loop, the heat application causes the legs and bridge to compress inward. Heat application on the staple causes it to return to its shape memory compressed position providing dynamic and permanent compression at the arthrodesis or osteotomy site.


QTSstaples_hand03Key Benefits:

  • Simple four step surgical technique (temporary fixation of site, pre-drill holes, implant the staple and apply heat).
  • Dynamic compression that is maintained compared to “static” compression of plates.
  • Short heat application returns the staple to shape memory compressed position.
  • Low profile.
  • Variety of sizes (monocortical, bi-cortical, 4 legged).