Project Description

Open Base Wedge Plates Solution Options

Description: ** Available in Several Design Options

open_base_wedgeOpen Wedge Plates

Features several design option shapes with anatomic block to accommodate the osteotomy resection for this procedure thus decreasing the stress of the lateral cortex.

L-Plate Design

Available in Locking or Non-Locking, the L-Plate was designed and developed to help correct painful joint deformities. This Base Wedge Plate System provides the surgeon with the ability to angle screws into the bone for optimal wedge plate placement.

Key Features:

Open Wedge Plates

  • Low-profile plate
  • Anatomically shaped plate
  • High strength and stability due to plate design with screws fixation.
  • 4 wedge sizes for the right and left foot: 0mm, 2.0mm, 4.0mm and 6.0mm
  • K-wire holes for temporary fixation of the osteotomy plate

Open Wedge L-Plate Design

  • 8 easily identifiable titanium base wedge plates
  • 2.5mm titanium solid non-locking screws in sizes 10-30 in 2mm increments (44 screws total
  • Stainless steel wedge sizers (3mm – 6mm)
  • Guide wires which fit into the small holes in the plate and guide wires that can be used as a pilot hole in the screw hole of the plate
  • Soft Tissue Protector