Project Description

MTP Joint Fusion Plate



Our 1st MTP low profile locking plate fusion system is a complete system for joint fixation for the treatment of severe hallux rigidus and other MTP pathologies. Whether used in a primary or revision case, this system uniquely provides reduction and dialed in compression affording the ability to lock the 1st MTP joint in an ideal position for arthrodesis with 4 different design
opportunities to select from in surgery.


With its anatomic design, our MTP Fusion Locking Plates avoid potential hyperdorsiflexion or malrotation, which allows for use in primary or revision procedures.


Key Features:

  • Low Profile Anatomic Plate Design – Anatomically designed with 5° of dorsiflexion and valgus for better patient adaptation.
  • Proximal slotted compression hole – For additional dial in compression to the joint.
  • Concave, Convex Reamers – Facilitate quick and accurate joint preparation.
  • 3 mm Cannulated Screw – As crossed screws or in conjunction with the plate, these lag screws provide excellent compression with a low profile head.
  • 2 plate lengths 4 designs – (40 mm and 50 mm) for left and right foot.
  • 2.0, 3.0 or 3.5mm locking screw fixation and 3.0mm cannulated compression screw option – enhanced ease of use in reducing the plate to bone (12mm to 26mm in length).
  • 3.0mm or 4.0mm Cannulated Dual Thread Interfragmentary Compression Screws (20mm to 60mm in length).



Vilex MPJ Plate Options