Project Description

Mono Rail


The Mono Rail system consists of two identical carriages, traveling along a threaded shaft. Two set screws, one on either side secure the carriage to the shaft. Each carriage can accept a half-pin clamp. The clamp can hold one or two half pins and can rotate in the horizontal plan. Pin clamps accept 4.0 – 6.0 diameter half pins. The user may stack two clamps on top of the other, with each rotating in its horizontal plan independent of the other. The half pins will rotate in parallel plans. Clamps can be placed below the carriage also and they can be stacked as well.


Key Benefits:

  • Can be utilized as a hybrid connect to a circular frame
  • Offers user friendly achievement of linear axial compression
  • Ideal for trauma with soft tissue damage
  • Ideal for decreased bone density
  • Offers compression, distraction, rotation, neutralization, and angulation
  • Compression and stability even in patients with severe osteoporosis
  • Earlier patient mobilization of adjacent joints
  • 5.0mm Transfixtion pins available