Project Description

Mini and Micro Rails


Micro and Articulating Rails

Smaller and lighter than the “Mini”, the “Micro” rail accepts 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0mm half pins up to 70mm in length. The “Rotate & Swivel” poly-axial carriage offers up to a 30ᵒ of pin placement option for intra-op ease of use. A printed scale on the side gives the direction traveled by the moving clamp from the extreme position.


Mini Rails

A 2 carriage system attached to a miniature aluminum frame. Each carriage accepts a single clamp with two half pins. Each clamp feature 15ᵒ pin poly-axial placement. Hash marks provide directional measurement. M600 styles with “Black” carriages will accept 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 half pins up to 70mm in length. M645 styles with “Gold” carriages will accept half pins up to 4mm in diameter and 175mm in length.


Key Benefits:

  • Excellent for Brachymetatarsal procedures
  • Excellent for Lengthening of metatarsals
  • Offers user friendly achievement of linear axial compression
  • Ideal for trauma with soft tissue damage
  • Ideal for decreased bone density
  • Offers compression, distraction, rotation, neutralization, and angulation
  • Compression and stability even in patients with severe osteoporosis
  • Earlier patient mobilization of adjacent joints
  • 5.0mm Transfixtion pins available