Project Description

ISSYS LP Screw System from Custom Spine

ISSYS screw group pic


The patented design of ISSYS LP is the next generation pedicle screw system. The highly advanced system was designed to provide patients with a stronger construct that better promotes fusion while enhancing the instrumentation to offer surgeons tools that are more effective during implantation. ISSYS LP’s unique design allows the pedicle screw to be fully seated in the bone while maintaining full polyaxial motion creating improved resistance to fishtailing or screw movement. The ISSYS LP pedicle screw was also designed to accommodate three rod sizes due to the unparalled saddle pin feature.

Key Features:

• Zero Moment Screw
• Reduced Risk of Fishtailing
• 63% Greater Resistance to Load Forces
• 60% Medical/Lateral Translation
• Controlled Bone Screw Placement
• Low Profile
• System Versatility
•Optimal Screw Profile