Project Description

ISSYS LP Mono Screw System from Custom Spine



The ISSYS LP Monoaxial Screw System was designed to create a versatile low-profile monoaxial screw system for the treatment of thoracolumbar deformity, tumor and trauma through an antero-lateral or posterior approach. The advanced design of this system and instrumentation allows the surgeon to implant the system quickly and easily while providing one of the stiffest constructs on the market to improve patient recovery.

Key Features:

• Construct Consistency
• System Versatility
• Reduced Implantation Time
• Increased Control
• Improved Construct Stiffness
• Easy to Implant
• Simple to Attain
• System Simplicity


• ISSYS-LP-Monoaxial-Brochure
• Monoaxial-Surgical-Procedure