Project Description

Lapidus Locking Plates

lapidus xray pic 02


We features 4 new LAP designs which accept either solid or cannulated 3.0mm locking plate screws with a 3.5mm bailout. The 4 plates are slightly contoured and provide a compression ramp for a standard lag screw or a Vilex 3.0mm or 4.0mm Dual Thread Compression Screw. Plate lengths include 29mm, 35mm, and 40mm.

The Lapidus procedure involves an arthrodesis of the 1st metatarsocuneiform joint.  It is performed to reduce the IMA in the setting of hypermobility or arthritis of the 1st metatarsocuneiform joint.  It is indicated to address a large IMA especially in rigid deformities.  Early descriptions of the procedure involved decorticating the joint and using two crossing screws for fixation. Proven superior mechanical stability and application using plate fixation has become the standard.

Key Features:

  • For moderate and severe deformities
  • Inherent stability in post-op phase
  • Minimizes post-op edema due to locking stability
  • Improves ROM
  • 3 length intra-operative selection.