Project Description

Circular External Fixation Frame Set


Our External Fixation System is an adaptation of the Ilizarov Ring External Fixation System that has been successfully utilized by orthopedic surgeons in a variety of indications for many years. In some instances the external fixator provides a scaffold for shifting the patient’s mechanical load so that the patient can remain mobile. In other instances the external fixator provides the means by which to re-align and  correct for angular abnormality in the joints and bones, apply compressive forces, and or control the distraction of bone fragments simultaneously.

Over the years this specific approach to surgical correction has innovatively evolved to provide enhanced intra-operative options specific to foot and ankle surgery in a cost effective manner. Our External Fixation System utilizes high strength low density aluminum alloy for framing, hardened stainless steel for auxiliary structural components, and implant quality stainless steel for invasive components, such as pins and wires that may remain within the bone after surgery.


Key Features:

  • Blunt footplate extenders enable surgeons to attach a full ring in a reverse frame design
  • Adapter for footplate extenders enable surgeon to achieve goal above even if wrong extender is used initially
  • Extender options – long and regular length to insure frame design flexibility
  • Single Row Extender – to work with half ring employed as a footplate
  • Free End Extender – For use in a reverse frame, static or dynamic, for ankle angulation
  • Integrated footplate & extenders – One piece instead of three adds rigidity to frame, lowers cost, expedites assembly, and frees frame holes for better wire placement
  • Drill Tip Wires – all smooth and olive wires are available with a drill tip to speed up insertion and minimize heat during insertion
  • Choice of smooth wires – Two standard sizes 1.5 and 1.8mm stainless steel wires, with drill, trocar & bayonet tip; 2.0 smooth wire also available upon request
  • Choice of olive shapes – two shapes: standard “olive” and wide base cone for patients with poor quality bone; olive wires laser etched in direction of removal.
  • Square Posts – precise length posts speed up assembly, reduce component count, and provide superior alignment of ring components without adding to cost or weight
  • Gold tipped threaded rods – certain threaded robs come with gold-plated tips to speed up assembly and insure alignment of ring components
  • One hand tensioner – The heart of a ring system; with one hand surgeon can grab and tension the wire, as well as hold the wire bolt for tightening
  • Choice of tensioner head – standard to reach wire bolts located at outer periphery of ring components and long head to reach inside holes of a footplate. The result is a more stable construct.
  • Full rings – available for popular ring sizes to speed assembly, add rigidity and free frame holes for better wire placement
  • Tabs on rings – extra outer holes on full and half rings for easier assembly and added rigidity; cost reduced because of lesser components; tabs are 90 degrees apart starting at 45 degrees.
  • Hole markings – to speed frame alignment
  • Choice of hinges – two types of spherical hinges for angulation and tilting
  • Spatial frame support – free computation of distractor setting to achieve desired angulation at any axis
  • Choice of counting nuts – three sizes to simplify assembly and improve frame rigidity
  • Wire bolts – each can be used as a slotted or cannulated wire bolt
  • Telescoping Distractors – 4 length option
  • Shoes – unique design to enable patient mobility and load bearing if required
  • Compatibility with Monorail System – our Monorail system for foot reconstruction is designed to work in conjunction with the frame. This feature alone opens new surgical options in rear foot surgery.
  • Half pins – full range of half pins 4-6mm and transfixation pins from adults & juveniles