Project Description

Bioresorbable Plate and Screw




Bioresorbable Plate
Our bioresorbable plate is a versatile fracture fixation system. The system includes a fully customizable plate with contours to all anatomies, and fixation screws with can be implanted ployaxially to provide the best possible fixation.
Bioresorbable Screw
Our bioresorbable screw is a new, strong and fully versatile resorbable screw for orthopedic fixations. Because of its unique manufacturing method and intelligent technical properties, our screw offers many clear benefits for the operating surgeon who appreciates easiness, reliability and versatility from the implant.


Key Benefits:

Bioresorbable Plate

  • Customized plate for every patient by thermo forming and cutting to shape
  • Ability to be tailored along the operation to meet challenging anatomies
  • Low profile – low risk of tissue irritation
  • Variable screw angulations
  • Screws interlock with the plate – low risk of screw backout
  • Flexible placement of the screws
  • Transparent and radiolucent


Bioresorbable Screw

  • High strength properties to meet the challenges of demanding orthopaedic fixations
  • Lo screw head profile and ability to create new screw head at chosen point of the screw shaft by temperature cautery
  • Delivered with a disposable metallic adapter
  • Compatible with most of the universal instrumentation used in hospitals (ISO, ASIF, AO)
  • Can be cut to the specific length during operation
  • Screws interlock with the plate
  • Transparent and radiolucent