Project Description

Adipose based Technology


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Our Adipose based Technology approximates autograft bone in that is provides the three key properties necessary for bone formation. Partially demineralized allograft bone, the foundation for the stem tissue, provides a natural scaffold for new bone formation. Naturally occurring growth factors present in allograft bone have been shown to encourage osteogenic activity. The stem tissue contains adult mesenchymal stem cells that naturally adhere to the bone substrate and may contribute to the formation of new bone.

Key Features:

  • Combines partially demineralized bone with adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells to provide an allograft tissue with properties of autograft bone
  • Osteoconductive, Osteoinductive, and Osteogenic
  • Flexible cancellous matrix allows the tissue to be packed into a structural cage or molded to patient anatomy
  • Partially demineralized substrate tends to resist migration during lavage or impaction
  • Available in several configurations and morselized to accommodate procedure requirements

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