Project Description

4.0, 5.0, and 6.5 Cannulated Screws


4.0 fib fracruresullivan 5-14 case post op xray 01 (2)


With a Low or Dual threaded head design profile, our 4.0 & 6.5mm cannulated screws offer a unique user friendly technique for small bone surgery for optimized compression. Our screws utilize Triple Trocar Cutting Technology which negates the need to drill. (Back up cannulated drills are available in the system.) We employ propriety processes in deburring the screw protecting fixation performance.


Our screws also possess a Combination Cortical / Cancellous Thread Design. This unique shaft to thread diameter ratio simplifies inventory, intra operative decision making, and OR cost savings.  Easy 4 step process implantation.


Key benefits:

Time savings – Simplified “Quick Connect” modular instrumentation & trays for staff flexibility, as well as an easy 4 step surgical technique reduces OR time.

 Cost Savings – Simple Self Drilling and Tapping (4.5, 5.0 5.5 cannulated relief drills available).

 OR Support – User Friendly to surgeon and supporting staff. Simplified instrumentation and ease with which a surgeon can complete a procedure substantially reduce the trauma to the patient and reduces the time to complete a procedure. Our screw systems enable the surgeon & OR staff to achieve consistent results in the most difficult situations.