Project Description

2.0 Digital Fusion (Hammertoe)

2.0 digital fusion all 5


Interphalangeal joint arthrodesis has been a mainstay of lesser digital deformity correction. The Digital Fusion System offers a new approach for fusion of the proximal interphalangeal joint utilizing small cannulated intramedullary devices. This technique provides compressive, fully internalized fixation that can be combined with temporary pin stabilization of the metatarsophalangeal joint, if necessary. This system offers reviews including pathoanatomy, indications, considerations and advantages of digital arthrodesis for correction of lesser digital deformity. It provides an excellent cost effective option to consider for lesser digital deformity correction.

Key Benefits

Advantages for Patients:
• Compressive properties promote primary fixation, stability and rapid healing
• No post-operative implant exposure
• Eliminates risk of ‘pin-tract’ infection
• Less pain during healing
Advantages for Surgeons:
• One piece implant – no connection required
• Easy and precise screw placement within the toe
• Small diameter compression with choice of threaded or regular low profile heads
• Fewer complications from non-union, rotation and infection
• Easy to use
• Cannulated design gives ability to pin across MPJ
• Optimal initial compression across PIPJ joint
• Can fuse PIPJ and DIPJ with a single screw or PIPJ only
• Maintains digit in straight position for life of screw
• Easy to remove in case of complication or pain