Project Description

Digital Compression Fixation

2.0mm screw head selection picDescription:

Activize offers an intramedullary fixation device and technique specifically designed for proximal interphalangeal joint arthrodesis for primary fusion and also following failed implant arthroplasty. This technique has provided reliable results.

Failure rates with interphalangeal joint replacement procedures have been attributed to complications dealing with the delicate soft tissue envelope and substantial bone loss after removal of these prostheses, making salvage proceduresdifficult. With our Digital Fusion System, the surgeon has a cannulated user friendly support system to assist in achieving primary fixation achieving compression for IP salvage surgery.

With primary IP fusion application, the 2.0mm Cannulated intramedullary device serves as an excellent choice and provides immediate compression with the option to access and extract at a later date if necessary.

The Digital Fusion Screw System provides for easy surgical technique and minimal intraoperative time with significantly reduced post-operative risks. The system provides intra-operative selective choice between a low profile head or threaded head design ranging in lengths of 24mm to 50mm in 2mm increments.

Key benefits:

Advantages for Patients:

  • Compressive properties promote bone union, stability and rapid healing
  • No post-operative implant exposure
  • Eliminates risk of ‘pin-tract’ infection
  • Less pain during healing

Advantages for Surgeons:

  • One piece implant – no connection required
  • Easy and precise screw placement within the toe
  • Small diameter compression with choice of threaded or regular low profile heads
  • Fewer complications from non-union, rotation and infection
  • Easy to use
  • Maintains digit in straight position for life of screw
  • Easy to remove in case of complication or pain