Last week I had the privilege once again to attend a Charcot reconstruction case. The surgeon’s patient was in need of further treatment because his Charcot arthropathy was leading to a rocker-bottom foot deformity with potential recurrent or persistent plantar ulceration down the road. The surgeon opted for surgical reconstruction of the collapsed neuropathic foot deformity. The surgeon’s goal was to decorticate to re-align and then fuse the patient’s medial and lateral column utilizing the Vilex 8.0mm and 6.5mm Headless Cannulated Posting Screws . The surgeon intuitively preserved the Metatarsal Heads by deploying a trephine to capture and re-implant the autologous- cartilaginous plug. Although this approach is technically demanding, it nevertheless offers a successful outcome that can result in a plantigrade foot that is free of ulceration and abnormal pressure points providing the patient the ability to walk and an enhanced quality of life. The Vilex 6.5mm and 8.0mm Cannulated Dual Thread Screw Systems offer these attributes for the surgeon. Both the 6.5mm (30mm – 120mm length) and the 8.0mm (70mm – 160mm) Dual Thread Screws possess a threaded head design that provides superior primary cortex buttress as well as intramedullary hour glass fixation for both indications mentioned above. See how Activize Inc. has been providing medial column posting solutions to lower extremity surgeons for years. (Hit on ‘F-Series’ Sawbone Demo for the 8.0mm Charcot Reconstruction video to the right.)